Hi everyone.

My namn is Johan and i live in Sweden. Im a huge fan of KISS.

I have collect guitarpicks since aug 2012

I´m first of all looking  for Kiss picks.

My Kiss wantedlist is down below

Moore band i collect:

Hardcore superstar   ( Just missing a few )

Sabaton         ( Just missing a few )

HammerFall   ( Just missing a few )


Primal fear

Freedom call

Accept  ( Even Christopher Williams )


Twisted sister

Steel Panther


Bruce Kulick


Can also use Iron maiden &  Pearl jam 


Some of my sticks is also for trade vs picks


Please contact me if you have some picks to offer me.

My Kiss wantedlist

I was here pick from Kiss kruise 9

Flagpicks from Europe 2017

Norway:  Eric

Finland: Gene

Russia: Eric

Holland: Gene

Austria:  Eric

New zealand 2015: Gene, Tommy and Eric with flag in logo

Japan tour 2015: small letter Eric and Tommy

Farewell tour: Ace fractured prism blue
Farewell tour: Ace bubble prism blue
Farewell tour: Ace fractured prism white
Farewell tour: Ace bubble prism white
PC tour:  Paul Large dot prism on white
AWW tour: Ace horisental block prism blue
Asylum tour: Paul pink,blue,red,yellow and white 
Asylum tour: Gene blue 

Most from Creatures tour with big letters